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In the subsequent links you will find reference information about some of the projects and venues that involves LDS™ System / LDS™ Company.
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"Parade", the Jason Robert Brown musical, has opened to critical acclaim at The Donmar Warehouse and looks set for a highly successful 9-week run. The sound design is by Autograph's Terry Jardine and Nick Lidster , and on this occasion they chose to build on their previous designs and to mostly use loudspeakers made by LDS. The ribbon-based technology had served them well in the past so they used a combination of LDS... //More...
The Scarlet Pimpernell opened at Stora Teatern, Linköping in september. This is the first production of this Broadway musical in Scandinavia. . //More...
West End, London
The successful Broadway show will open at The Novello theatre in June and will star the legendary musical performer Elaine Paige. As with the Broadway show, the West End production will use the increasingly popular LDS loudspeaker system, currently to be heard on... //More...
Maxim Theatre is staging ”Avenue Q”, a new musical comedy starring puppets as well as actors. Sound designer Jacob Julin is using the fixed installed LDS L-800, L-400 and SP88 system for the 7 actors and 5 musicians. //More...
Broadway, New York
Les Misérables will return to Broadway for a special limited six-month engagement. Just as in London sound designers Andrew Bruce and Jon Weston will update the sound system with LDS L-100, L-400 & L-800 speakers. //More...
Broadway, New York
The musical adaptation of Dr. Seuss' holiday tale "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" will make its Broadway debut this fall. Yonkers-based Sound Associates delivers complete
LDS Line Source System. //More...
Las Vegas
The Best Musical Tony winner “Spamalot” will open at Wynn Las Vegas in 2007 upon completion of the "Spamalot Experience and Grail Theatre”. Acme Sound Partners have specified the LDS Line Source Speakers. //More...
San Francisco
A2D have delivered a LDS system to the PRG sound company to be used in “A Chorus Line”. The new production, featuring Acme Sound Partners as sound designers, will begin with a six week run at SF's Curran Theatre... //More...
Oscars Theatre is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the musical Singing In The Rain. A main speaker system with 10 LDS L-800's will be amplifying the 20 actors and 12 musician strong ensembles //More...
Det Ny Theatre in Denmark is staging ”The Producers” with Richard Sharatt as sound designer. The shift from “Phantom of the Opera” included the installation of a new speaker system featuring six LDS L-800's pr side //More...
After more than 18 years “Les Misérables” moves to Queen's Theatre, London. The sound designer Andrew Bruce have at the same time decided to change the main system from Meyer Sound to LDS speakers //More...
New York
“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, the most fantasmagorical stage musical in the history of everything, arrived on Broadway at the Hilton Theatre. The sound designer Andrew Bruce choose LDS L-800 as the main system //More...

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