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LDS Line Series / Special Purpose / Custom Series

LDS Line Series

The LDS Line Source System
represents a new loudspeaker technology based on the principles of the Homogeneous Line Source. It gives an extremely high sound quality, both for short and long distances, and for large spaces.

Planar-Magnetic for the High end

The Planar-Magnetic transducers for the LDS Speakers are equipped with an innovative high-tech diaphragm material called Kaladex® from Dupont. This material, combined with a new proprietary technology for etching the aluminium / Kaladex® laminate, makes it possible to overcome the usual limitations of previous generation planar-magnetic designs. The careful design and unique assembly technology allow for more extended high frequency output, less distortion and higher dynamic range than with few other planar drivers of similar size.

7" That takes care of the low end

The 7" drivers in the LDS L-100, L-400 and L-800 have voice coil formers and cones of aluminium. The magnets are vented to optimise cooling. A special high impedance copper voice coil makes it possible to electrically connect all drivers in parallel. Parallel wiring caters for improved impulse response, especially during higher sound pressures.The use of a small speaker in a large array, is one of the best way to make the low end homogeneous with the high end of the sound spectrum. The fast response and superb sound quality combined with a large number of transducers, makes the use of subbases in many cases unnecessary. A array with five L-800's on each side takes the frequency response down to 45Hz.

The all so important package

The cabinet chosen is of the closed type to preserve the impulse response. Each cabinet is made of heavily braced Swedish MDF and plywood, and is constructed with no parallel walls to avoid standing waves.

The cavity has separate chambers for high and low frequencies. Both chambers are optimally damped for its purpose by two kinds of damping materials.

The LDS L-400 & L-800 are also fitted with 4 handles , and 4(x3) rigging points for connecting speakers togheter or to add flying points.

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