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Custom Series

Since the beginning of LDS, a vital part of our philosophy has been to always offer our customers special made products to solve specific problems and improve the overall tonal quality of the sound systems. We have always recognized the importance of such products whereby designers and system engineers are able to let their creativity blossom, and create sound systems that can blend into the often delicate environment of the theatre.

Now we are broadening our range to make it possible not only to order your own products, but also take advantage of existing designs in a new series called LDS CS.

LDS CS-812 at Stora Teatern, Linköping


The Scarlet Pimpernell opened at Stora Teatern, Linköping 28.09.07. This is the first production of this Broadway musical in Scandinavia .

The theatre has committed LDS' sound designer and consultant Tom Saetre to design a complex custom built speaker system to fulfil the various needs of this production and other productions to follow.

The system consists of;

  • Main system
  • Surround system
  • Stage foldback system
  • Pit foldback system

The main system consists of two 8 meters high straight columns of LDS CS-812 mounted in the proscenium.

Lack of space made it impossible to fit in the regular LDS 800 systems, therefore a slimmer version containing 4.5inch woofers in combination with the well known LDS planar ribbons were designed. Each column contains 40 ribbons and 60 woofers, making it a powerful system for the rather small theatre.

Added to the main left/right system is another custom LDS design; The Horizontal Centre Line. This is basically a horizontal line of ribbons stretching across the front stage, flying ca 8 meters above the floor.

This line consists of 64 ribbons with an extended frequency response down to around 150Hz. The line makes a ideal vocal fill and pinpoints the location of the actors/singers on stage.

Further more some frontfills are added using the “ribbon alone” LDS SP-18, and even some sidefills in the wings using LDS SP-88's.

The surround system is an all custom designed system for this theatre. It was important to design a system that could create a true surround sound feeling to all seats in the audience and at the same time integrate seamless with the main system.

The solution was to use the same quality of drivers as in the main system, whereby the flexible LDS WA-18 was designed. A minimum sized ribbon box with an flexible front angle to match exact positioning.

36 of these boxes are spread, around the theatres horseshoe shaped room, and in addition 16 small woofers are added for extra low frequencies.

The stage foldback system was designed to create a good listening environment throughout the stage area. Orchestra and vocals are sent to the foldback system, using a number of LDS SP-88's in the wings and up on the proscenium bridge.

It was also thought of as very important to create good listening condition in the orchestra pit, a challenge since space are limited to say the least. This led to the design of a pit foldback system of very high quality. Small boxes utilizing the well known LDS ribbon technique were developed. The LDS M-345 measures only 240x160x140mm, which makes it an ideal near field personal monitor, easy to fit into any pit.

64 Special Drivers at Chateau Neuf, Oslo
  To the musical ”Evita” at Chateau Neuf, sound designer Tom Sætre specified a circular centre speaker to be used as a vocal centrefill. A LDS Custom Series speaker was ordered and installed.

“The Chateu Neuf in Oslo has the form of a Greek amfi theatre. The two columns of LDS800’s that is used as a main system, covers the seating area well. However, due to open stage and the wide amfi shape of the seating area, it was difficult to create the source orientation sought after on a production like this.

Therefore we installed a highly discreet, super thin, circular line of 64 LDS Planar Magnetic Drivers under the circular proscenium bridge. The circle has a diameter of 13 meters, and a section of ca 170 degrees matches the seating area.

By using this centreline in conjunction with the stereo main system, and using a combination of delay programming and traditional volume panning, we were able to produce highly transparent vocal amplification, pinpointed to the various actors’ positions on stage. “

For more info about the LDS CS series please contact our sales department at:
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